Why Oil and Gas Employers Use Head Hunter Services

When looking for a job in the oil and gas industry, many candidates may have difficulty finding regular listings for the types of jobs they are seeking. One reason for this is that positions often open and fill quickly. Another reason is that there are many qualifications required in this specialized field. As is the case in many industries, some companies prefer to work with a professional agencies that act as a liaison for potential candidates. These companies are often referred to as oil and gas head hunter services. Companies that meet and hire candidates through a head hunting agency may need rapid placement for offshore jobs and often don’t have the time to screen candidates while looking for someone with a specific technical skill set and educational level to fill the position.
Applicant ScreeningTaking the time to screen applications for abilities and experience can be time-consuming. Oftentimes, people apply for oil and gas jobs even when they don’t have the experience requested. Most companies don’t have the time to sift through all of the applications available to narrow down the pool. Having a head hunter pre-screen the applicant pool and presenting the employer with a list of suitable candidates leaves the executives and support staff more time to run their businesses and handle day-to-day tasks.
Rapid AvailabilityIt takes time to find new employees. Sometimes people are available immediately, but this is the exception, not the norm. For positions that need to be filled right away, a head hunter will offer potential employers a list of employees with rapid availability, if requested.
ExperienceFinding potential employees with experience in the upstream oil and gas field can be challenging. Finding those with the right type of experience is critical, given the nature of the industry. There are multiple laws and regulations which must be followed, and it is important that candidates understand what they are and how they should be implemented. Candidates lacking certain qualifications and experience may receive advice on where to find it or how to get it so that they will be eligible for available positions.
ReputationSome jobs in the oil and gas industry are short-term assignments. Companies who place workers usually receive feedback from previous clients on how well their candidates did on the job. Head hunters can use this information to help place the candidate in an appropriate position, working toward their strengths. This will typically help to narrow down a pool of candidates for the next assignment.

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