Digital Photographs on Canvas – How Long Do They Last?

An amateur photographer or an art collector who does not practice photography at all will likely have doubts about the longevity and quality of digital photography on canvas. Since the two concerns are closely linked it makes sense to address them together.It is through photography fundamentals that answers to questions pertaining to the longevity and quality of digital photography on canvas, can be found. Clearly everyone knows the purpose of taking beautiful, timeless photographs. It captures moments that can never happen again. Photographs show us our personal and physical development over the years and the effect success and family have brought upon us. They provide us with memorabilia of precious pets that have passed, starter homes we no longer live in, and a myriad of other memories.When we look back at old black and white photographs our grandparents took of one another, we sometimes witness heart-wrenching pictures captured by a blurry, amateur camera. It is even difficult to identify certain relatives in old photographs due to the poor quality of camera and film. A look at later photographs of our own immediate families is an obvious testament to the improvement in camera technology. Modern film camera photographs are a far cry from the drudgery of older pictures, although they too are far from perfect. Polaroid’s prove to be an interesting and often successful experiment, provided lighting is perfect and relatives and friends are not standing in direct sunlight. Generally speaking, the best quality film pictures were still only taken by professional photographers since amateurs could not afford or would not invest in the significant amount of money necessary to purchase a decent camera and to have it developed in a professional dark room.In spite of this, have not these amateur and inferior quality photographs proved to be very long-lasting? With the advent of digital photography not only is long-lasting product possible it is also one of heightened aesthetic beauty. Digital cameras are the pinnacle of professional and amateur photography. They are the sleek and expensive sports car rather than the small, flawed economy version. The use of such gorgeous photography in the way of art then makes perfect sense. Many modern artists have made use of both video and photography to express an artistic viewpoint. With the advent of the digital camera doubtless they are sashaying into these barely chartered territory as well.Details are much finer, definition is keener, colors are explosive and the entire effect is one of sheer professionalism, even for the amateur photographer. So the use of digital photography on canvas makes perfect sense and also makes for perfect art. The quality of photography and canvas is such that even outdoor weather conditions will not fade or severely damage this media. Consider too that a photograph on canvas can be preserved beneath a glass frame. This too has a positive effect on longevity. Most professionals who create digital photography on canvas use what is called a sealer. A sealer contains UV protection from ozone damage. These canvases are often water resistant. A work of digital on canvas that is kept indoors can last virtually up to a century, an impressive amount of time indeed. It is contemporary, sophisticated art that is unparalleled and doubtless will be for some time.

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