Are You Considering Using a Serviced Office? Then Read These Tips

Here are some tips to consider to help you choose the option that is right for you and your type of business.Whether you seek general office service, a virtual office, a fully serviced office, or a combination of these, these tips can help you make the right choice. As I am based in Perth, Western Australia, my examples will be based on Perth, but even if you are located outside Australia, you should receive great value from this article.First of all, what do you require? Do you require a permanent office where you are located every working hour of the day, or do you and your business simply require the presence of a downtown Perth 6000 or Sydney 2000 address? If you just want the corporate presence of a inner city business address, are currently working productively from home, and are on the road most of the time anyway, there is no need to incur costs by having a permanent office space. All you need is a virtual office, where your business mail is directed and a virtual answering service takes care of incoming calls. You can choose to pick it up the mail yourself, or get it delivered without having to visit your city based virtual office.A serviced office with the right corporate image (Your business image is very important, probably more important than many home-based business owners realise) is important. Meeting prospects and clients at a inner city address gives you the positive corporate image of a professional, established business rather than a home office This may be more important for some businesses than others, yet no matter what your clientele is, working from a city-based serviced office means you do not have to worry about privacy and security issues that could crop up when you work from home, especially if you want to keep your private life separate from your work life. For practical reasons, having access to premium meeting space, boardroom space and event training and seminar space literally gives your business the room to expand in ways that a home office cannot accommodate. When looking for a serviced office, it would be prudent to choose a place that is cost effective and convenient in terms of ample parking, catering and comprehensive business services.Another strategic consideration when choosing your office service provider in Perth is whether you can get opportunities to grow your business by linking you to a locally-based business network, and connecting you to people who take a genuine interest in helping you grow your business.The choice of a base for your office is a strategic choice, what is right for one business may not suit another business.

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